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Let Tampa Pest Control help protect your home and family with our expert residential pest control services. Aside from the normal solutions to current problems, we also provide pest prevention on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Whether you have squirrels biting your children or rats in your attic, Tampa Pest Control can help you get rid of your problem.

Tampa, FL House Pest Control

Some pests, especially in the winter, can remain hidden for a while, causing damage to your home while being undetected. Cockroaches, rats and bed bugs are the most common pests found in Tampa. We have had an increased number of cases from these pests recently. Not only can these pests obviously damage your property, but they can have serious impacts on your health. We know that you could easily go to one of our competitors in the area, but we are glad that you have chosen us for your pest control needs.

We have also seen an increase in the number of Termite incidents. Termites typically go undetected for a while, giving them time to wreck havoc on your home. If you are infested by termites, the colony of termites can contain thousands of individual termites. Termites feed on wood, which is a common material in nearly every home. If the termites only eat your furniture, consider yourself lucky. Recently we’ve had a number of cases that include massive structural damage to the house. If, for any reason, you suspect that you may have termites, you should call our Tampa termite exterminators immediately. We will find each area of infestation and directly tread the mud tunnels that termites build. After we’ve gotten rid of the termites, we’ll treat the unaffected wood surfaces to prevent termites from coming back and eating those surfaces.

If you have had a pest problem in the past and want to prevent ever having one again, you should consider having regular pest prevention steps taken. This will keep the pests from harming your family or damaging your home. It’s much better to prevent the pests than to have to deal with them if they come. If you have trees that commonly get infests or infected, like oaks, we can also spray those trees seasonally.

If you are interested in any of these services, or if you simply have a question, give us a call.

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